7 Best Pet Safe Weed Killers (2024 Guide)

pet safe weed killer

Gardening is a wonderful way to spend your time, but what if your pets want to join you?  How do you keep your pets safe, while keeping weeds at bay?  It’s scary to think about a poisonous weed killer being ingested by your pet, or being soaked up by their paws. Thankfully there are several pet-safe weed killers on the market.

In order to enjoy gardening WITH your pets, make sure you have done your research on which weed killer to use. That way, when Fido runs into the garden with (or without) you, you don’t have to worry about whether or not he is in danger of having short or long-term health issues.

Let’s take a look at the top weed killers that won’t expose your pets to dangerous toxins.  These will not only keep your weeds away, and your pets safe, but they will give you peace of mind also!  

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pet safe weed killer

Benefits of Using Pet Safe Weed Killers

The safety of your pets is important, and thankfully there are many pet-safe weed killers on the market. Aside from protecting your pets, there are also several other benefits to using natural weed killers..

Let’s take a look at some of the perks:

Safe for kids to be around. If you have kids helping out in the garden, or even playing nearby, it’s extremely beneficial to use a natural weed killer as opposed to something like Roundup,

Just as glyphosate is a carcinogen in pets, it can have the same effect on humans. Kids are naturally drawn to digging in the dirt and touching plants, and it’s much safer to avoid chemicals around their developing bodies.

✔ Safer for you to apply and work around. You’ve been so worried about your pet’s safety, have you stopped to think of your own health as you spray your weed killer? Your health is important also!

A pet-friendly weed killer is a much more natural option that will keep toxins away from you as you weed kill and work in your garden.

✔ Less waiting time. With chemical weed killers, you often have to wait several days to weeks before you can use the dirt to plant new plants. This isn’t the case with pet-safe weed killers.

No matter how sensitive your plants are, the main ingredient in natural weed killer (vinegar) doesn’t stay in the soil very long, and you can replant your plants with 2-3 days of using it.

best pet safe weed killer

✔ Healthier produce from your garden. If you’re like me, you don’t want to do a bunch of work just to eat the same pesticide-ridden fruits and vegetables that you can buy in the grocery store. I like my produce organic, and I want to grow it myself!

With pet-safe weed killer, your produce will be much, much healthier than if you use a chemical weed killer. Not only can a traditional weed killer pollute the actual fruits and vegetables, but also the seeds (and roots) of the fruits for future growth. YUCK!

✔ Protection for sensitive plants nearby. Another thing to take into consideration is the neighboring plants near where you will use weed killer. There are several plants that can’t tolerate chemicals on them, and will have adverse effects when polluted with toxins.

This article has a very informative table in it, regarding the chemical compounds and the impact they can have on sensitive plants.

Another win for pet safe weed killer.

✔ Safe for beneficial insects. A very important consideration when choosing a weed killer is the beneficial insects that we so desperately need for a healthy garden.

According to this article, “International Organization for Biological Control found that exposure to freshly dried Roundup killed over 50 percent of three species of beneficial insects: a parasitoid wasp, a lacewing, and a ladybug.”

We need beneficial insects to pollinate in our gardens and eat other pests.

If we are killing off these insects, we are seriously harming the environment and the future of gardening as a whole.

Safe for wildlife. Whether you live in the city, or in the country, you have wildlife around you. From bees to birds to deer, and everything in between, what you use in the environment matters to their health, and the environment as a whole.

Using a pet-safe weed killer will ensure that animals in the wild are also protected from chemicals, like glyphosate.

No residual toxins in the dirt and ground. Residual toxins in the dirt are unsafe for your pet, you and your plants, and it’s also really bad for the environment.

You don’t want your pet digging into contaminated dirt, nor do you want to be digging in it yourself while gardening.

Your plants also need toxin-free dirt to grow well in, and if you want to grow organically, residual toxins can still show up from previous use of chemical weed killer.

In addition, toxic compounds, such as glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) can end up in groundwater, affecting drinking water and the environment.

According to this study from the US Geological Survey, “Glyphosate was detected in 36 percent of the samples, while its degradation product, aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) was detected in 69 percent of the samples.”

Keep in mind that this study was done in 2002, so that number has surely grown since then.

How do you kill weeds without harming pets?

When it comes to killing weeds, you have to keep in mind who and what will be exposed to the spray you use.  Pets will undoubtedly be exposed to the weed killer you use, whether it be ingested from the air during application, or absorbed through their pads as they walk.

Because your pets are likely to be exposed to your weed killer (and since they spend their time close to the ground), it’s important to find the least toxic weed killer possible.

Most of the products reviewed in this post contain vinegar, which is a completely safe and effective way to kill weeds.  The vinegar burns and dries out the weeds, just make sure it doesn’t hit plants you want to keep alive.  

It is possible to kill weeds without harming pets, and the above pet safe weed killers are trust worthy and efficient for the job.  

The Best Pet Safe Weed Killer 

Here are 7 non-toxic and pet-safe weed killers to consider.

1 |  Just for Pets Weed Killer Spray

About:  Just for Pets Weed Killer is a quick-acting, fast-drying weed killer that comes with a sprayer.  This is a safe and effective way to control weeds, without dangerous chemicals.  This weed killer is vinegar based (completely safe for pets) and works as fast as Round-up.  It can be purchased by the case, or refill jugs.  The company is committed to keeping pets safe, and donates a part of every purchase to animal shelters. 

Ingredients:  Sodium chloride, citric acid, clove oil, sodium laurel sulfate, water, vinegar, lemon juice, glycerin

2 |  Organic Matters Natural Weed Killer Spray

About:  Organic Matters Natural Weed Killer Spray will kill weeds in under 24 hours and has a 30 day, money-back guarantee.  This pet-safe weed killer is a fast-acting spray that will take care of crabgrass, dandelions and other broadleaf types of weeds.

Ingredients:  vinegar, sodium chloride, clove oil, lemon juice, sodium lauryl sulfate and water.

3 |  Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer

About:  Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer is made by a family-owned company and has a 30-day money back guarantee.  When you use this product you can plan on seeing weeds die in less than 24 hours of application.  It’s ready to use, no mixing required.  Applications usually last 10-12 weeks.

Ingredients:  acetic acid (vinegar), citrus Ingredients, sodium ingredients, essential oil, glycerine, water

4 |  ECO Garden Pro- Organic Vinegar Weed Killer

About:  ECO Garden Pro-  Organic Vinegar Weed Killer is a completely pet-safe weed killer that starts working quickly.  It works for difficult weeds, like clover, moss and poison ivy and is ready to use. It also kills grass, so keep that in mind when using it around your lawn.

Ingredients:   natural white vinegar, organic rock salt, safe plant activators, and fermentation-derived co-factors.

5 |  Natural Elements Weed Killer 

About:  Natural Elements Weed Killer is a vinegar-based weed killer.  It works quickly to get rid of your weeds, including most broadleaf weeds and grasses. In warm climates, it can take as little as 24 hours to kill weeds.

Ingredients:  Water, commercial vinegar, sodium laurel sulfate, sodium chloride

6 |  Energen Carolina LLC- Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer

About: The Energen Carolina LLC-Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer is a concentrated mixture that quickly kills weeds.  It will kill crabgrass, clover, dandelions, and ground ivy. It is organic and can be used for organic growing.  The gallon container comes with a sprayer, making it really convenient to get going. Once dry, it is safe for pets and kids! 

Ingredients:  acetic acid, other ingredients

7 |  Dr Kirchner Natural Weed and Grass Killer 

About:  Dr Kirchner Natural Weed and Grass Killer is a highly coveted weed killer that gets rave reviews.  This weed killer has a long shelf-life and is completely sustainable. It’s eco-pour jug uses minimal plastic and it has a “no glug” spout.

Ingredients:  sodium chloride (ocean salt water), vinegar, water, soap, other ingredients

FAQ About Weed Killers

What is glyphosate?

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, glyphosate was registered for use in the United States, in 1974, and is the most commonly used herbicide.  

Glyphosate comes in different forms, including an acid and a variety of salts.

You might be wondering how this herbicide does its job.  Here’s what the NPIC says about that:  “Glyphosate stops a specific enzyme pathway, the shikimic acid pathway. The shikimic acid pathway is necessary for plants and some microorganisms.”

Another interesting fact about glyphosate is that it binds very tightly to soil.  In fact, it can stay in soil for up to 6 months.  YIKES!

Is Roundup safe for pets?

When it comes to weed killers, it is best to stick closely to natural products. 

Roundup contains glyphosate, which has been linked to cancer.  Exposure to glyphosate increases the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 41%, in humans.  Shockingly, glyphosate levels are much higher in our pets than they are in humans.

Protect your pets!  According to this study, “dogs’ glyphosate levels were, on average 50 times higher, than people’s.” INSANITY!

While the manufacturers of Roundup claim that their product is safe as soon as it dries, the remnants of the spray can still be absorbed by your pets (and by you!). 

Interestingly, there are several places that have banned glyphosate. 

According to this article, the city of Miami has banned any herbicide that contains glyphosate.  

In the EU, Luxembourg was the first country to ban glyphosate

Vietnam and Thailand already have a ban on the toxic ingredient, and Mexico has given farmers until 2024 to stop using it.  

It is best to stay away from Roundup, especially if you have pets you’re concerned about.  

Final Thoughts on Pet Safe Weed Killers

There are few things more precious in life than a pet.  Do your due diligence in researching any product you use around your pet.  

As the old adage goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  These pet safe weed killers will give you peace of mind, while ridding your garden of weeds.  

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