6 Best Soaker Hoses for Beginners (2024)

best soaker hoses

While there is something therapeutic about watering a garden, not everyone has time to hand water each and every day. If you’re here, you’re probably looking for an alternative to hand watering AND a way to keep your plants hydrated. Soaker hoses are a great way to get water into your garden, without the extra elbow grease, and this guide will review the best soaker hoses on the market.

Soaker hoses work by applying pressure and releasing it at intervals so that the water is dispersed over a large area of ground, rather than in one place. This prevents plants from drying out too quickly and also helps them grow more quickly.

Benefits of Using a Soaker Hose

Did you know that a soaker hose can be an effective way to water your garden? A soaker hose is a type of irrigation system where the water supply is pressurized and the water seeps out through small holes in the vinyl tube. The benefits of using a soaker hose are many. Let’s look at a few pros below:

Water goes directly to the root zone.
Water is saved by eliminating evaporation.
Soaks the soil slowly and evenly.
The plant’s leaves stay dry.
Saves time by not having to hand water.

How to Choose a Soaker Hose

If you’re wondering what soaker hose is going to be best for your needs, there are a few things to consider.

Here are 3 things to think about as you choose your soaker hose:

How much space do you need to cover?

Buying the right soaker hose is going to depend on how much space you need to cover to reach all of your plants. You don’t want a heavy, cumbersome hose when you have to stretch it far distances.

The lightest hose is going to be your best bet when you have a lot of ground to soak.

Another thing to take into consideration is the lengths that the hoses come in. It’s fine to connect several hoses together, but some brands tend to leak at the cap and that can get frustrating!

So, if you need a lengthy soaker hose, try to purchase the longest length of the brand you prefer.

What are you watering?

When you are choosing your soaker hose, make sure you take into consideration what you are watering. This is important because not all hoses are created equally.

Some hoses are made with chemicals that I wouldn’t personally want to be leached onto my fruit and vegetable garden.

However, that same hose would be perfectly fine in a flower garden that no one consumes.

There are several brands of hoses that are chemical-free and even rated for drinking water.

What is your climate like?

With some styles of soaker hoses, as you will read in the individual reviews, the climate definitely matters.

There are hoses that do just fine in colder climates, yet others get so rigid that you can’t move them.

Also, areas with really high heat are hard on hoses of all kinds, so choosing a premium brand soaker hose will probably save you time and money in the long run.

Best Soaker Hoses: Comprehensive Reviews

1 | Linex Garden Soaker Hose

The Linex soaker hose is one of, if not, THE best soaker hose out there.  Because it is made of PVC (as opposed to most soaker hoses made of recycled rubber), water flows uniformly throughout the entire hose. 

The output on this soaker hose is also much more than its competitors, at 2 gallons per 2 minutes at regular 60 PSI, yet you won’t waste water because of its sturdy material.  So you save time watering and you know the job is still getting done.  Win-win.

Another feature that you will definitely want when it comes to soaker hoses, is that this soaker hose won’t coil up on itself when you lay it in your garden.  The Linex soaker hose stays in place wherever you put it… frustration-free!

The Linex soaker hose also has a ½ inch, universal hose connector so you can connect more hoses as you need them.  And when you’re done, simply roll it up and store it away.  Since the hose is flat, it’s super easy to carry and store.

If you do have issues with this hose, you can contact the company for a replacement. The company provides a 2 year warranty on the hose.

>> Made of PVC.
>> Stronger output than competitors.
>> Doesn’t coil up.
>> Has a universal hose connector.
>> 2 year warranty.

>> Can water unevenly when placed in low spots.

2 | Suneed Soaker Hose

The Suneed soaker hose is made from recycled rubber and can be used in both low and high temperatures, though it does best in warmer climates, due to its material. It will still work well in cold temperatures but needs to be able to warm up in order to be pliable. An easy way around this is to lay it in the sun before using it.

One feature that I REALLY like about this soaker hose is that it has a screw-on fitting. This type of fitting makes it really easy to connect and disconnect the hose to another hose, or a faucet.

Available in lengths of 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet, you will be able to find the length your space needs and connect several together if you need to extend beyond the maximum length.

This soaker hose is a bit more complicated to get into place but does become more flexible as the daytime heat warms it up.

A huge perk of buying this soaker hose is that it has a seven-year warranty, so the company really backs up its product. If the hose breaks, you are able to get a refund or a replacement hose.

>> Made from recycled material.
>> Comes in varying lengths.
>> 7-year warranty.
>> Screw-on fitting.

>> Can coil up.
>> Stays rigid in cold temperatures.

3 | Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose

The Rocky Mountain Goods soaker hose is a very heavy-duty hose, which is why customers rave about it. It’s got a double layer of material, first PVC and then fabric over the top of it.

The hose comes in varying lengths, including 25, 50, and 75 feet in length. You can also attach them together if you need to stretch across a larger garden.

As soon as you turn on your water, you will see that the entire length of the hose is dripping, whereas other brands tend to be uneven in their water distribution.

While this hose is easy to lay out, it can get kinks in it, which is a minor issue compared to the value and performance of the hose, overall.

It is a little difficult to fold back up compact enough to store, but if you plan on using the hose long-term, this isn’t something you have to worry about.

The Rocky Mountain Goods soaker hose comes with a lifetime warranty, so rest assured that you are receiving an excellent product that the company stands behind.

>> Heavy-duty, double layer of material.
>> Varying hose lengths available.
>> Even water distribution.
>> Lifetime warranty.

>> Can get kinked.
>> Difficult to get compact enough to store away.

4 | Water Right Soaker Garden Hose

Don’t let the price point scare you away from this top-notch soaker hose. It is truly a “top-shelf” hose with excellent customer service from the company.

The Water Right Garden soaker hose is made in the USA and is made of lead-free, UV stabilized polyurethane. It comes in 25 and 50 foot long hoses.

Unlike most soaker hoses, this hose waters about 5 inches out on either side, instead of directly down.

One thing that really stands out on this soaker hose is that the fittings are chrome-plated, machined lead-free, brass fittings. On other soaker hoses, if the fittings are not high quality, they will rust or tarnish. With this soaker hose, you won’t run into that problem.

There are also strain reliefs on either side of the hose, so it won’t kink. You can get your garden taken care of, without the frustration of a kinking hose.

The material that the Water Right Garden soaker hose is made of, allows for it to stay malleable, even in freezing temperatures. This is something that sets it apart from other soaker hoses in the industry.

While the price point is higher than its competitors, it is extremely durable and the company’s customer service is amazing.

There is a 5-year guarantee and the company is happy to replace any broken hoses, just give them a call.

>> Made in the USA.
>> Lead-free.
>> Hoses on either side, not just straight down.
>> Strain reliefs to prevent kinks.
>> Does not get rigid in cold temperatures.
>> Great customer service.
>> 5-year guarantee.

>> Higher price point than its competitors.
>> Only available in two different lengths.

5 | One Stop Gardens Flat Soaker Hose

The One Stop Gardens soaker hose is a highly rated hose for various reasons. The woven nylon hose sleeve makes this hose stronger and more durable, which means it will last.

Because of its strong, nylon material, this soaker hose is much more bendable than its competitors and won’t dry out and crack, as other hoses tend to do.

The shape of the One Stop Gardens soaker hose also helps its water output. Compared to other round soaker hoses, this hose’s flat shape helps it to put out the same amount of water in about a quarter of the time. You barely have to have your water turned on for this hose to get to work!

Not only do you save time, but the water distributes evenly, so you don’t have to worry about puddling, or plants not being watered properly.

This soaker hose comes in 50-foot length, but if your garden is longer, you can attach the hoses together.

Overall, this hose is at a decent price point and is a reliable addition to garden irrigation.

>> Woven nylon hose sleeve improves durability.
>> Flat shape allows for more water output.
>> Middle price point.

>> Only comes in one length.
>> Inner hose can still leak.

6 | Gilmour Flat Weeper Soaker Hose

The Gilmour flat weeper soaker hose may be a lower price point, but it is still a quality hose. It can definitely last a couple of seasons, even in the harshest of weather conditions.

The hose comes in 25, 50, and 75 feet lengths and can also be purchased in bundles. The bundle option is great for larger gardens that need several hoses, connected together, to reach all plants.

In addition to watering your garden evenly and consistently, this soaker hose is very lightweight and easy to move around. When your garden season comes to a close, you can easily store the hose until its needed again.

The Gilmour flat weeper soaker hose comes with a seven-year limited guarantee. If you have problems with your hose, simply contact the company and make sure you have your proof of purchase handy!

>> Low price point.
>> Several different lengths are available.
>> Lightweight and easy to move around and store.
>> Seven-year limited guarantee.

>> Can kink depending on the style of use.
>> Some users have experienced leakage.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what soaker hose you purchase, make sure that you have taken the above tips into consideration. If you have issues with any hose, contact the manufacturer, because many times they will send a replacement.

Enjoy your hands-free watering and watch your garden flourish!