The 10 Absolute Best Greenhouse Kits for 2024

best greenhouse kits

If you’ve ever spent time getting a garden going, you’ve probably figured out that it’s essential to have a greenhouse. It can be frustrating to have lines and lines of pots, with no place to put them. It’s nice to have a dedicated spot for them (and get them off of your windowsills, counters, etc). A greenhouse kit can help you get your plants organized quickly and easily.

Greenhouse kits are all over the internet, but it’s tough to know which ones are worth the money. Of course, DIY greenhouses are always a possibility, but they do take time to build and oftentimes, the materials to build will cost more than just ordering a kit.

This guide will help you weed through (pun intended) only the best greenhouse kits so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. So, when you’re sprouting seeds and trying to grow healthy plants, all of those pots will finally have a permanent place to live and thrive.

In this post, we will discuss our favorites that would suit just about any gardener’s needs!

The Best Greenhouse Kits

5 Benefits of Using a Greenhouse Kit

There are several benefits to using a greenhouse kit for your gardening needs. Let’s look at five of the top perks of using one:

1 | Greenhouse kits are a quick and easy solution to needing shelter for your plants. Assembly is usually fast and you can immediately have a space for your gardening needs.

2 | Housing your plants in a greenhouse kit is a great way to extend the growing season for your plants and flowers.

3 | They come in various sizes and styles, so there is something perfect for everyone’s needs.

4 | The price point for a greenhouse kit is usually less than if you were to build your own.

5 | Greenhouse kits allow any gardener to enjoy fresh herbs year-round or grow an annual garden in their own backyard during winter months (even if you aren’t a pro-builder!)

Things to Look for in your Greenhouse Kit

Easy assembly The point of a greenhouse kit is for it to be a quick and easy assembly process. so you’re up and running for gardening. Make sure your greenhouse kit comes with ample instructions and doesn’t require tools that you don’t own, or have access to.

Durable structure– Most gardeners prefer to have their greenhouse outdoors. That means that a durable structure is important so your greenhouse can withstand the elements. Make sure your greenhouse is made of durable material, so it will last you several growing seasons.

Ventilation- Ventilation in a greenhouse is extremely important, so your plants don’t get overheated and die. There are several models of greenhouse kits that come with ventilation windows, but at the very least, opt for one with a door.

A pest-resistant cover- Pests are a constant worry for gardeners. Even a rat can destroy your seedlings in a matter of minutes. For top protection, make sure your greenhouse kit comes with a sturdy cover that will keep pests out.

Price- Make sure you have a budget in mind for what you want to spend on your greenhouse kit. There is literally something for every budget, so go with what you can afford and what you want to spend.

Our #1 Pick
Best Choice Products Walk-in Greenhouse with Zippered Door (SIZE: 15x7x7ft)

  • Sturdy, especially when staked down.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 8 roll up windows.
  • Keeps warmth inside well.
  • Excellent customer service for replacement parts.
  • Lightweight so needs to be staked down.
  • Plastic doesn't reach all the way to bottom of greenhouse.
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This walk-in greenhouse has room for your sprouts, and so much more. Besides a nice height (which gives the ability to walk inside to tend to your plants), this greenhouse is sturdy and able to withstand the elements outdoors.

It comes with stakes for added security, so if you live someplace with a lot of wind, you will definitely want to use the stakes.

Its mesh fabric keeps warmth in, and the windows allow for proper ventilation when temperatures outside are hot. If you are starting seedlings, this is the perfect combination to keep the air moisture balanced.

When you’re going in and out of this greenhouse, carrying plants, the door can be rolled up for easy access. You can also use the door as another point of ventilation if you need to reduce the inside temperature quickly.

This is our top overall pick, because of its ample space to have plenty of plants inside of it, as well as its ability to hold in warm air and moisture.

Fastest Assembly
Eagle Peak Pop Up, Walk-In Greenhouse (SIZE: 8 x 6)

  • Pop-up style assembly (one person).
  • No tools necessary.
  • Anchoring system.
  • Roll-up door and windows for ventilation.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Ties for door and windows can be faulty.
  • Material can be torn easily.
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Eagle Peak is a company that makes high-quality, easy to assemble greenhouses. They offer the best of both worlds with models for indoor and outdoor use.

This greenhouse can be setup in less than 10 minutes by one person and it includes all the necessary components such as steel poles, zippers, reflective mylar film and more!

This pop-up style greenhouse is similar to a beach pop-up, but of course it comes with more bells and whistles.

To start with, this greenhouse has 3 different leg positions that will change the height. So, you can decide how much headroom you want and need, and go from there.

The steel-frame is covered with mesh-lined fabric walls that keep the moisture and warmth inside for young seedlings and plants. If you are in a very cold climate, you may need to add additional heat to the unit to keep plants from freezing. Just make sure your heat source is safe.

As with any great greenhouse, this one comes with roll-up windows for ventilation and two zippered doors for easy access.

This manufacturer offers 1-year limited after-sale protection from the original date of purchase, which is an excellent deal, compared to many other companies.

Best for Small Spaces
Eagle Peak Walk-in Greenhouse (SIZE: 61'' x 28'' x 79'')

  • Good size for small spaces.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy frame with thick cover.
  • Comes with warranty.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Zippers are rough in use.
  • Cover barely reaches the ground.
  • Stakes are weak.
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This greenhouse is perfect for small spaces. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t walk inside of it! This is the perfect size for you if you want to protect your plants in the winter, or if you need to maximize your growing season for your plants.

Even with its compact size, this greenhouse has shelves for your plants and even enough space to store a bag or two of dirt. Not only that, but because it is compact, it can easily be moved to another spot, or indoors if you are trying your hand at indoor gardening.

The frame of this greenhouse is made of powder-coated steel pipes, which makes it a long-lasting choice.

The cover is transparent green and is water-resistant. In order to assure the greenhouse keeps heat but doesn’t fry your plants, the polyethylene cover is UV protected and is also non-toxic and odorless. The kit comes with ropes and stakes to secure the cover.

Two windows allow for ventilation (great for hot summer weather), and a zippered, roll-up door allows for you to go in and out without a fuss, while also keeping pests on the outside.

Another awesome feature of this greenhouse is that the company offers 1-year limited after-sale protection from the original date of purchase. You can’t beat that kind of customer service!

Best Looking
Kitchen Joy Outdoor Collection- Mini Greenhouse Kit (SIZE: 28 x 16 x 52 inches)

  • Eye-catching design.
  • Indoor and outdoor capabilities.
  • Lightweight.
  • Several hinged doors for access.
  • No power tools required for assembly.
  • The structure could be more durable.
  • Assembly instructions are confusing.
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This gorgeous little greenhouse is cute enough to put inside as a piece of furniture but is sturdy enough to go outside. And just because it’s adorable, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the job done when it comes to gardening!

With several access panels, you can put different seedlings and plants inside of the greenhouse and easily water and tend to each of them. The panels can be adjusted to be left open to let in more sun and get some airflow.

One feature you will absolutely love about this greenhouse kit is that it comes with wall brackets to fasten it to a wall, either inside or outside. This keeps it in place during windy weather, and can also keep kids from pulling it over on them. Win-win and such a great safety feature.

Another perk of this greenhouse is that it has small feet on the bottom that are already secured and will keep the greenhouse up off of the ground by about an inch. This keeps it from taking on water, and allows it to last a lot longer.

This greenhouse obviously isn’t a walk-in unit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a good-size plant inside of it. At over four feet tall, even young trees can fit inside for optimal growth. All you have to do is adjust or remove the shelves, and you can put decent sized plants inside of it.

Big Budget
Palram Mythos Hobby Greenhouse (SIZE: 6' x 10' x 7')

  • Durable and strong structure.
  • Great height inside greenhouse.
  • One person assembly is possible.
  • Comes with a ventilation window.
  • Needs extra tie-down reinforcement.
  • Needs a level foundation to be set on.
  • Assembly can take a while.
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If you have a bigger budget for your greenhouse, this might be the perfect fit for you. With plastic sides, a rust-resistant aluminum frame and a galvanized steel base, this greenhouse will literally last for years.

This greenhouse is an excellent size for any gardener, and has plenty of room for plants, seedlings, bags of dirt and whatever else you need to be successful in your garden.

The Palram HG5010 is the perfect solution for people who want to grow their own plants and flowers with ease.

This greenhouse has many features that make it one of the most attractive options on the market. Let’s take a look at some of these features:

-It is made from high quality materials which means you can rest assured that it will last for years.
-It is easy to assemble, saving you time and money.
-It has UV protection technology built into its design, ensuring that your plants are cared for properly.

Additional features include: an adjustable roof vent, built-in rain gutters, a hinged door with a lockable handle, and a magnetic catch.

For successful assembly, the company sends the greenhouse with pre-drilled profiles, pre-cut sliding panels and all hardware included.

You can also purchase an anchor kit from the company for added security.

Best on a Budget
Sungift Mini Greenhouse with Roll-up Zipper Doors (SIZE: 71 X 36 X 36 Inches)

  • Cost-effective.
  • Great for small spaces.
  • Light weight for moving it around.
  • Zipper doors to let in more sun and ventilation.
  • Needs to be set up on a table for easier access.
  • Not sturdy in all weather conditions.
  • Needs exterior stake holders.
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What if you could have a greenhouse that was easy to use and move, but was also durable? This tabletop greenhouse is a perfect addition to your indoor garden, or even outdoors.

This is a great greenhouse for people who want to grow their own vegetables and fruits in a small space without having to worry about pests or the weather.

Some of the perks of this mini greenhouse are that it is made from high quality materials, designed to be durable and lightweight, has zippers on both sides so you can easily access your plants from either side of the greenhouse, and more.

This kit comes with everything you need, including a sturdy base frame and clear roof panels which make it easy to see inside without compromising your insulation.

The kit also includes two vents that are adjustable for controlling airflow, as well as an integrated venting system that helps regulate the temperature of the interior space.

Its reasonable price point makes it our pick for when you need a greenhouse on a budget. But, don’t let that fool you… it’s durable and functional.

One perk that you’ll enjoy about this little greenhouse is that you can leave the zippers open for extra sun (or rain), as your plants need it.

So whether you’re protecting your plants from critters, or frost, this greenhouse has you covered.

Giantex Portable Cold, Wood Frame Greenhouse (SIZE: 30.0" X 22.4" X 42.9")

  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Lightweight for easy moving.
  • Opens on top and side for easy access and ventilation.
  • Cold frame style for extra protection.
  • Nice looking wood frame.
  • Comes without a floor.
  • Needs some reinforcement for durability.
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Do you want to grow your own food, but don’t have the time or space? You can now do it with Giantex Portable Cold Frame Greenhouse.

The greenhouse is made of wood and has an insulation system that will help maintain a stable temperature for plants inside. It’s portable so you can move it anywhere in your yard, garden, patio or balcony!

The Giantex cold, wood frame greenhouse kit is an eye-catching and functional addition to your backyard. Not only is it easy to assemble, without any tools, it’s made of cold-resistant wood, making it a great choice if you live in a colder climate.

It has a top access door, as well as front doors, which makes access to your plants incredibly easy, and helps with ventilation. The adjustable ventilator helps you control how much air flows into the structure depending on what type of plant it houses.

This greenhouse has been designed with the average gardener in mind and is an affordable way to get started. It comes complete with a water-resistant cover which protects your plants from heavy rain and harsh winds.

Eagle Peak Lean to Walk-in Greenhouse with Shelf (SIZE: 6.6’ x 3.3’ x 6.9’ )

  • Great for side of house or other structure.
  • Comes with shelf.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Steel frame and PE cover for durability.
  • Extended cover design for bottoms that meet the ground.
  • Cover can be difficult to put on alone.
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The Eagle Peak Lean to Walk-in Greenhouse is a great greenhouse for those looking for a small, lightweight, and easy to assemble exterior unit.

This greenhouse has many features that make it worth the price, including its light weight and high quality materials.

It comes with a shelf for plants, and a roll-up door for both ventilation and easy access to the inside. The shelves not only provide excellent storage space but also offer plenty of headroom above them. This means that even taller plants can be grown inside without worry of damaging the roof or ceiling.

Assembly instructions are really easy to follow and the only reason you might need a second person for assembly, is to put the cover on.

With a steel frame, this greenhouse is durable and will suit your gardening needs for many years.

This greenhouse is perfect for beginners who want the ease of assembly that comes with pre-cut parts or experienced greenhouse builders who are looking for an affordable greenhouse they can build themselves.

Home Complete Walk-In Greenhouse with 8 Shelves (SIZE: 56.3 x 56.3 x 76.7 inches)

  • Durable and sturdy frame.
  • Good price point.
  • Keeps warmth well.
  • Decent size for the price.
  • Assembly instructions can be confusing.
  • Shelves need extra reinforcement.
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The Home Complete Walk In Greenhouse is perfect for the home gardener looking to grow plants, seedlings, herbs or flowers in any season.

The greenhouse features a roomy design that gives you plenty of growing space and 8 sturdy shelves that can hold 2 gallons each. You’ll be able to place your pots on the top shelf and stack them high from floor to ceiling without worrying about them tipping over.

Gardeners of all types will love this greenhouse. It’s a great choice for those wanting a little extra space in their walk-in greenhouse and can be assembled without any tools.

With a generous size of 10 by 20 feet, there is plenty of space for you and your plants. It also comes with a gardening rack on one side to store pots and other items needed while tending your garden.

The clear, PVC covering gives it a clean look, and you can easily see your plants from outside of the greenhouse. But, if you’re going in and out of the greenhouse during planting season, you can roll up the door and have easy access.

This greenhouse will last year after year so you’ll never have to worry about it becoming too small as time goes on!

Has Wheels!
Home Complete Mini Greenhouse: 4-Shelf System for Indoor/Outdoor Plant Growing (SIZE: 27 x 16 x 63 inches)

  • Great price point.
  • Trays and shelves are moveable.
  • Keeps moisture in well.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Needs more ventilation besides the door.
  • Casters don't always stay in place.
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Are you looking for a way to grow plants, seedlings, herbs or flowers in any season? The Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse is the perfect solution! This mini greenhouse is easy to assemble and can be used indoors or outdoors.

It features four sturdy shelves that are able to hold up to 20 pounds each of soil!

If you’re looking for something that is easy to transport, this greenhouse is for you. It comes with wheels so you can move it around and its trays and shelves are moveable.

The greenhouse cover is durable and keeps moisture and warmth in, so your seedlings can flourish.

Although it isn’t a walk-in greenhouse, it has a roll-up door that makes plant care easy.

This mini greenhouse can be used anywhere from your home garden to your office desk. It has enough space on each shelf to hold one plant with room left over for potting soil and gardening tools.

Final Thoughts on the Best Greenhouse Kit

The best greenhouse kits are those that will not only provide you with a great grow space, but also help you to save money and time. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for an upgrade, there are many options to choose from.

Greenhouses can be a great addition to any garden. They give you the opportunity to grow all of your most favorite plants and flowers inside, year round.

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